Memoria Fair 20-21-22 March 2025 - Brescia Italy 13/06/2024

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Periodic funerary items show organized by Leonardo Pericciuoli with the support of a big group of Manufacturing Companies (exhibitors of the show)

Strong with the success of the fourth edition, MEMORIA EXPO will find its perfect setting in the Brescia Exhibition Centre once again. Fiera di Brescia is a new generation facility with all the characteristics of a very functional exhibition centre: very pleasing to the eyes, flexible (there are no pillars in the Hall to give exhibitors maximum freedom with their set up) and easy to reach from the most important motorways, airports and high speed railroads. Visitors can reach the show floor very rapidly after parking their vehicles in the ample parking areas located all around the main buildings. MEMORIA EXPO will be held from 20 through 22 March 2025 at Fiera di Brescia. The displays of funerary items will be open to the trade only. Organized by Fiera di Brescia with the support of a big group of Manufacturing Companies belonging to specific Committee created to handle and execute all organizational issues, the exhibition wants to become the most important expression of the “Made in Italy” in the funerary sector. The feasibility of this objective has been confirmed by the very positive response given by over 110 exhibitors and thousands of national and international visitors during the first edition. The show offering is the result of a very careful selection of Italian manufacturers which meet the requirements set by the Organizations in terms of quality, safety and reliability of the exhibits to reflect the overall level of quality of the show. Visitors will find manufacturers, dealers, Trade Associations and Federations, specialized press, funerary services and accessories


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Lombarda news

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Memoria Fair 20-21-22 March 2025 - Brescia Italy [...]

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